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What if
you started loving the grind?
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The Problem

Motivation is hard for everyone

80% of people want to exercise more. This is made hard by the ancient structure of our brain.

We have found the antidote.

Our accountability AI combined with a crypto-based reward system will supercharge your effort to establish a life-changing habit by 10x.

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Habit building...



Without Dopamining

You start your big plans by paying upfront for a service. A fitness program? A course? A service? They all make you pay in the honeymoon phase.

Honeymoon Phase

We all have an initial excitement when we set ourselves a new goal. Full of curiosity and optimism, you get started. Little do you know...

With Dopamining

You start with your first Dopamining NFT Dragon. It will stay with you and support you on the way to your goal. It's never gonna gonna give you up!

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Step 1

Get your NFT Companion

Your Dragon represents your investment in your fitness goals. It is upgraded through blood, sweat and tears and will evolve with you. This is the next generation of NFTs that grow as you grow in the real world. You can test out all workouts in the Dopamining app without any commitments.

Step 2

Rapid home workout

Lean your phone against a wall and get started. Your NFT Dragon has a budget of calories that are spent and turned into coins as you work out. You will get instant feedback. Every repetition of your exercise is counted.

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Step 3

Juicy Rewards

After you are $DONE with your workout, you reap the reward: $DONE tokens. Optimize your earnings by growing your Dragon's skills. Supercharge your motivation by staking on challenges. There are secret achievements which all add to your earnings. You will get those bonuses automatically, so you can just focus on your workout.


100% cheatproof against

  • Fake Videos
  • Fake Movements
  • Duplicated Workouts
  • Fake API Access

Our AI team with advice from the world's best experts is developing a stream verification system which works alongside our pattern and outlier detection modules to prevent cheaters from devaluing your hard work.

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Lessons learned

Earn2X, not X2Earn

Several projects with a focus on short-term growth, lack of sustainable revenue streams, and coins controlled by a few VC firms have led to hyperinflation and loss of trust. Instead of X2Earn, we believe in Earn2X - using crypto reward systems as a powerful tool to support a more important goal: Establishing life-changing habits. We will not sacrifice existing users for rapid growth. Both our tokens are limited. Recurring income from Motivation-as-a-Service makes Dopamining sustainable. VCs will get classic shares, not tokens. Dopamining will be launched under strict German law.


Web3 Motivation Platform

It’s not just about fitness. It’s about not quitting when life gets hard.
We strive to become the first Motivation-Platform that aligns your metaverse identity with your real-life dreams.
We believe in a strong extrinsic support system for your intrinsic goals in our world full of noise and instant-gratification.
Join the revolution - Reclaim your Dopamine!

Happy place

Our Team

Founder Leon Witt
Crypto & Strategic Lead
Leon Witt

Ph.D. in Blockchain/Federated AI from Tsinghua University.

Ethereum infrastructure contributor Silicon Valley

McKinsey Blockchain Strategy (DCC Aachen)

Founder Christian Bartsch
Scalability & AI Lead
Christian Bartsch

5y experience in building & scaling Computer Vision AI systems.

Founder of

M.Sc. Physics from RWTH Aachen

Founder Louis Stanko
Code Wizard
Louis Stanko

5y worth of contributions to open-source projects across web2&web3.

B.Sc. Computer Science & Management at TU Munich

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