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What if
you started loving the grind?
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The Problem we are solving

Rewire Your Brain and Start Loving The Effort

You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is to check your phone, thereafter eating sugary food and already feeling lazy for the rest of the day.

Does this sound familiar?

The culprit here isDopamine , a molecule that controls our feelings of reward, motivation, and pleasure, and thereby also our habits and routines. Our modern world with its easily available short-term pleasures like social media reels, high-sugar food, and flashy entertainment opportunities has broken our reward systems.

Dopamine overload is what is keeping you from the productive, disciplined life you have always wanted . But most people do not know about how our brain is playing tricks on us. End the depressing cycle of waking up late and thereafter not being productive for the whole day now.

That’s why we designed our app to systematically help you make your dopamine systems healthy again by making your brain fall in love with effort-based instead of short-term dopamine.

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How we address this problem

We have but a single target: Fixing the global Dopamine crisis

Our app empowers you to wake up early and kickstart your day with a quick workout, rewiring your brain to find joy in lasting achievements rather than fleeting dopamine hits.

  • Bet on your Better Life - and a Better World

    Dopamining is a charity-based project created by our deep wish to help people across the world get their healthy routines established while simultaneously donating to charity. The money that you bet on yourself will be donated to charity if you fail your routine, and we are exclusively partnering with charities that are listed amongst the most trusted and effective in the world.

  • 11.4x Higher Success Rate than traditional routine apps

    The core service of our app involves a gamified staking of money against a completion target and a charity that you wish to support in case that you fail your productivity promise to yourself. Neuroscience shows that a combination of "having skin in the game" and external accountability will push people beyond their limits - here at Dopamining, we do both of this by allowing you to bet money on your own success while keeping you accountable with our secure and private camera AI.

  • Trust, Transparency, Data Privacy and Security

    We provide a fully transparent donation history where you can not only see where your money went, but also how much impact it had, for example with metrics such as numbers of planted trees, saved children lives, or the number of people who you have helped go to school. Furthermore, we have strictly limited our AI systems to only recognize whether you have completed a workout or not in a simple Yes-No manner, we do not save, store or even process any of your video data, ensuring full compliance with GDPR.

To sum, our app tracks your early rises and morning workouts, leveraging the science of Dopamine by letting you bet on your better self. Donating your money to a charity of your choosing if you stay in bed and miss your workout will make it 11,4x more likely that you create the hyper-productive and consistent life you deserve. How much is the most productive hour of your day worth to you? What could you accomplish if you had an additional hour in the morning for yourself? And how much good could you do in the world if you become the person you have always dreamed of being?

The Mission

The Science of Effective Altruism

Some Charities can be hundreds or even thousands of times more impactful than others given what causes they prioritize and how efficiently they operate. One of the core reasons why we created Dopamining is precisely to create awareness for the most impactful charities on this planet.

Effective altruism is a social movement that seeks to use logical evidence to maximize the impact of charitable efforts by prioritizing the most effective ways to do good based on evidence and data, rather than emotion or tradition.

We at Dopamining are honored to be partnering with The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) for our social impact efforts, one of the world's most trusted and reputable charity organizations. TLYCS assesses and recommends a large variety of the world's most trustworthy and effective charities based on a rigorous process to ensure that we at Dopamining are only donating to charities that truly make the most of it, and which we can trust to put the money that you donate to them to the best possible use.

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Wanna establish a life-changing habit
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Become one of the hundreds of users who trust Dopamining to help them establish healthy life routines while simultaneously making the world a better place.